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savidakis family Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O. Sitia Glass 750 ml


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O. Sitia Glass

In a Greek agricultural paradise, Sitia, the Organic olive oil of the Savvidakis family is produced. It is an extra virgin olive oil characterized as a PDO product of Sitia. Superior class olive oil with strong taste and spicy aftertaste. It is collected from unripe-green olives, of the Koroneiki variety, in early October, with traditional manual methods from trees of tens of years.
It is an exquisite organic olive oil of high nutritional value with a strong fruit aroma, characteristic taste and rich antioxidant properties.
Olive oil is the main ingredient of the Cretan diet and has been associated with good health, longevity, tradition and Cretan’s culture.

Serving suggestion: Serving suggestion: Salads, Wild Greens, Vegetables, Bruschettas etc.

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